Father Len Kofler MHM DD, D.Soc, PhD. founded the Institute of St. Anselm in 1984 under Cardinal Basil Hume OSB.  St. Anselm’s, as it is fondly known, was founded to train formators, leaders and evangelisers in the Church.

Fr Len is a Mill Hill Missionary who is also an accredited psychotherapist, group psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.  He was ordained in 1959.  In 1968 he took up further studies in sociology, psychology and pastoral theology and was in charge of formation at a minor seminary. In 1978 Fr Kofler joined the staff of the Missionary Institute London as a lecturer. In 1980 he was elected president and continued to lecture and counsel until July 1985. He also gave lectures for London University Extra Mural Department. 

Fr. Len saw the need to train leaders for the Church and founded the Institute of St. Anselm which began in September1985 with the first Diploma Course. In 2009 he celebrated his Golden Jubilee of Ordination.

He continues to lead it forward in the future, to his vision and the unique ‘life changing’ programmes of the Institute.

Fr Len has published several books that are available for purchase - please refer to Publications for the full list.



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