MyExperience at the ISA.

This period has been quite enriching for me. During this time I have been able to see clearly how I have been functioning in life, the level of my relationship with myself, with God, and with others.
It has also challenged me to start to feel, to express, to act and react, to think, to see things and finally to relate differently to give new and real meaning to all that I am and living. It has helped me to start working on my self-esteem and appreciating the loving presence of God in my life. The big challenge is to continue to dive deeper and deeper into this self-awareness and to remain faithful to the self-care programme that I was able to make. Finally to cry out this good news with my whole life.
L. Sr. Ngozi Okoye of Jesus

Learning to listen, befriend and be at home with my Inner Child has brought me home to myself. The key to inner healing, peace and freedom comes from establishing a good relationship with one’s Inner Child. This is what my journey and process at St Anselm has done for me.
Julie Ogbole, Sisters of the Nativity, Nigeria, Diploma course

After leaving this institution for about 23 years, I still maintained the nostalgia to get back there. The second year programme was introduced in St Anselm the very year we were leaving. A few of my course mates were chosen as second year students, otherwise called Team Members. They were to deepen their learning of the first year programme through further personal growth journey, theoretic inputs and intense practice.

When I got an opportunity once again for a sabbatical period, I had no second thought about returning to the home where I had found enrichment. So once the green light was given to me by my Superiors, I applied and luckily was accepted. Coming to the end of this fourteen-month-long course of theory and intense practice in psycho-spiritual growth facilitation, I leave it with pride and confidence that I have still received more that will enhance my apostolate at several levels and circumstances. All I may say to anyone contemplating coming to St Anselm’s, or looking for a place to further both his personal growth process, or preparing to facilitate growth in others is: “Come and see.”
Brother Christian Mbam, Marist Brothers


The value I attach to St Anselm's

I am grateful to God who enabled me to come to St Anselm. My expectations of the course drastically reversed and I was helped to achieve what I need most in my life. It has been a place of fundamental and strategic formation of human authentic living.
The course requires personal inner efforts and the fruits are powerfully rewarding. I discovered my true self and the skills I have acquired will enable me to continue growing as I extend a helping hand to my brothers and sisters.
The Institute of St Anselm is a place of great hope for the new evangelization and so I wish more people would come and experience for themselves the deep spiritual and integrated life of our time.
Father Joseph Kamiza, Tororo Archdiocese, Uganda

I sincerely thank you all at St Anselm for your care and journeying with me and may God bless you all.
Sr Monica Angela, Franciscan Sisters of St Joseph, Kenya